The Rocky Mountains Adventure

The Shooting Star

On this 4 Day Adventure, Stellar Experiences offers you the opportunity to immerse yourself in the magnificence of the Canadian Rockies


The Shooting Star

Your journey starts with a decision… A decision to embark on an adventure of a lifetime as you seek more clarity, connection, and purpose in your life. This is more than an adventure; it is a transformational experience!

From the moment you choose this experience, we will guide you along every step of the way through your transformational journey, starting with our flagship pre-retreat preparation program:  The Prime Accelerator.

The Prime Accelerator

The Prime Accelerator is an immersive program designed to habitify unwavering focus, revitalize one’s body, mind and spirit, and develop bulletproof vitality and a resilient mindset to perform and feel their best.

The program focuses on mastering essential peak performance habits and building systems needed to sustain peak levels of energy, performance and execution without burning out or impacting your personal life

Our mission is to help our clients level up their execution in areas that matter most to them, build sustainable resilience and optimize their energy in order to unleash their inner power, unlock focused energy and get set up for success for an adventure of a lifetime.

This is fundamental part of our success model and of your transformational journey, while going through the process with your fellow adventure team. 

The Shooting Star

Enjoy the grandeur of the Canadian Rockies as the ideal space of discovery, recalibration and connection through an exclusive adventure and wellness retreat.

Day 1 – Your Adventure Begins

However you chose to arrive in the Canadian Rockies, private charter, commercial flight, executive transit, paragliding, or horseback riding, our luxury concierge team will always be by your side.

From mission readiness checklists, travel itinerary considerations, private airport transfers, to providing consultation on how to close out business and family affairs before you depart, our team will provide you with the necessary support to make your journey as smooth and seamless as possible.

Our mission, help you can disconnect from your busy life to reconnect with your best life.

Welcome to Your Luxury Base Camp,

The Fairmont Banff Springs!

Luxury. Historic. Magnificent. 

Located in the heart of Banff National Park, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, the world-famous Fairmont Banff Springs is a landmark in the picturesque alpine town of Banff, Alberta. 

Canada’s “Castle in the Rockies” has been providing legendary hospitality to guests since 1888 and will now welcome you and act as your basecamp for your adventure weekend.

As it sinks in and you make yourself at home, we welcome you at the Award-Winning Rundle Bar, to meet the rest of your team and to go over next day’s adventure, while explaining all kit requirements, assist with any last-minute preparations and update mission objectives.

Day 2 – The Adventure Of A Lifetime

This is the moment you have been envisioning for weeks, months and even years. This is the kind of day that dreams are made of and no matter how we look to put words to it, you have to live it to believe it. 

We will be waking up in the early hours of the morning to make the most of what will be a truly spectacular day. You will experience a series of exhilarating Canadian Rockies activities, while deeply bonding with your team and being immersed in the grandeur of these iconic and majestic mountains. 

 Rain, snow or shine… adventure awaits!

Wilderness Experience. Heli-Adventures. Conquer Your Mountain. Dine Like Royalty.

Day 3 – The Wellness Day

As you wake up feeling refreshed and the stardust settles on how much life was experienced in the previous day, we look to set a difference pace for this day. This is about active recovery, wellness, and balance.

On this day, we look to decompress and reflect on life’s lessons and insights form our previous day through our Stellar Experience process. We will work together to design a specific blueprint and framework for how you can integrate these in your life, and have them be more than just an insight, but rather a transformational change.

We will achieve this through a series of experiences and landscapes.

Forest bathing. Luxury Spa Experiences. Lakeside Workshops. Dinner under the stars.

Day 4 – Your Journey Home

As with all great things, we don’t want them to end… and this is not the end; you are wiser than that.

This is “see you soon”, until the next time you meet this exceptional group of people that you now call friends, and your next Stellar Experience.

While your time on this adventure comes to a close, your learnings, decisions and deep-rooted friendships will be carried with you. 

On this day, we kick things off with a wellness practice to further integrate the Stellar blueprint before we head over to our final dining experience together.

As you depart and make your way back home, how do you put words to what you just went through?

You don’t try to, but instead you live into the possibilities that you have created for yourself and shine that light into your family, your friends, your vocation, and your world.

Feeling a sense of connection, serenity, and clarity on what you are destined to do, and how you will go about it, you now step into those possibilities. You have evolved as a person and as a leader.  

It’s time to carry this transformation forward, as our team continues to guide on your journey.



The Shooting Star

So, you’ve arrived home and all hell broke loose. While you were gallivanting in the Rockies your email inbox got flooded. Your projects, teams and businesses are in dire need of your leadership. Everyone wants to connect with you, or needs something from you, and your weekend retreat seems like a distant dream. 

You take a deep breath.  This is the reality. But you know better, you make your own reality.

You get to choose how you show up, and you now have the blueprint and clarity of what truly matters and how best to approach it.

You make complexities look effortless as you navigate the landmines of life, and in doing so, lead those that look up to you into a world of possibilities.

This is not a short-lived aha moment, but a sustained transformation with the right protocols, measures, and actions in place.

In this chapter of your journey, Stellar Experience will support you through our integration program, where we continue to guide you through coaching and systemizing your retreat takeaways, you as you establish new habits, rituals, and distinctions in your life and work.

As a leader and peak performer, growth is not a destination but a journey. 

This is a journey of greatness, contribution and of purpose.

Welcome home.

The Stellar Experience

By the end of this retreat you will have a renewed sense of purpose, clarity and momentum to pursue your most desired goals and passions, having been immersed in an exclusive experience with a community of like minded peers who understands you, is going through the same journey as you and is excited about the shared impact you will have together!

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