Our Vision

To empower the world through transformational experiences.

Meet the Founders


We are Chris and Shalini.

We embrace the challenges and thrive on the journey to discovery and growth. We light up in adventure and know for a fact that experiential adventures can help us recalibrate, give us clarity and slingshot our results. We also know that these results are amplified when our minds, bodies, and spirits are optimized in peak performance and driven by purpose. This is why we are here. 

We are founders, entrepreneurs and executive leaders in life and in business… and we’re here to support you with gaining clarity on your outcomes, building your momentum, and amplifying your results… the best way we know how!

We are a purpose-driven leadership development company that provides immersive peak performance programs delivered through adventure and wellness experiences. These programs support founders, entrepreneurs and executive leaders with maintaining a bulletproof mindset and burnout-proof habits so they can live impactful lives.

Stellar Experiences is where PASSION meets PURPOSE… With every experience, you contribute towards saving a child from trafficking and make a difference in the lives of children who need it the most through The Shooting Star Project

Our Values and Guiding Principles

Transformational Experiences

Stellar Experiences offers immersive experiences that are designed to help people get clarity, build momentum and optimize their performance - physically, mentally and spiritually, to achieve their results.

Purpose and Impact

Stellar Experiences are committed to creating memorable experiences that are impact-led and purpose-driven for the individual in the experience, the communities they belong to and the world at large.

Adventure and Exploration

Stellar Experiences offers adventurous experiences that move you to learn more about yourself, push past challenges and grow immensely through the process - as a person and as a leader.

Reset and Reclaim

Stellar Experiences values connection with the mind, body and spirit, offering programs and retreats that can help people reset their minds and bodies, reconnect with their purpose, and reclaim their best selves.

Our Mission

To have an impact on the world, by helping founders, entrepreneurs and executive leaders gain clarity, build momentum and slingshot their results, and supporting them to live impactful lives and contribute towards saving children from child trafficking.

Our Locations

Rocky Mountains HQ
Canmore, Alberta, Canada

Greater Toronto Area
Ontario, Canada

Our Impact Partners

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